Catherine Rondeau is a Montreal-based Canadian author, videographer and fine art photographer. Born in 1971 in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, she grew up in Sherbrooke, Québec, in a predominantly French-speaking milieu. After completing an Arts and Letters program in junior college, she went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from Montreal's Concordia University (1996). Her combined skills in writing and lens work allowed her to carve out a career as a freelance video journalist, during which she travelled to more than 25 countries before settling down to have a family and teach video production.

In 2010, Rondeau earned a Master’s degree in Communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The following year, she published an essay on the concept of fantasy in folklore and fairy tales and the critical role imagination plays in the human psyche. Inspired by her research, she made a return to photography with a vast series of digital photomontages (Beyond the Looking Glass, 2011-2014) that focuses on the imaginary world of children. The artist then naturally transitioned to explore the period of early adolescence (Northern Crossing, 2015-2016). Still in production, her latest project explores the “wild woman” architype depicted in the Selkie Bride Celtic folktale.

Rondeau’s work has been shown in several solo exhibitions in Quebec.

The artist lives with her husband and two teenage girls in Montreal.

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