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Sneak Peek at my CCA residency project

A woman struggles to put on a white petticoat outside, a house, a road and a tree appear in the background.

After nearly three months in Scotland, I’ll soon be giving a sneak peak at the project I’ve been working on during my residency at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts. Organized by TalkSeePhotography, I’ll be engaging in a discussion with artist Melanie Letoré about the ideas that have informed my image making, showing work in progress,…

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The Joy of Making Fine Art Prints

Seeing my images leave the computer and come to life on beautiful fine art paper is always an exciting moment. An experience I recently had in preparation for the inaugural exhibition of my Northern Crossing series next summer at Mont-Laurier’s cultural center. The prints are big and beautiful. The work of my printer, Denis Alix,…

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Immersion in the magic of photomontage | Conference at the ACS Photo Club

Vue d'un écran d'ordinateur avec le programme Photoshop de traitement numérique des images et une photo surréelle d'une enfant qui mange une soupe.

I will be giving a conference on my photography work for the members of Radio-Canada’s ACS Photo Club next February 5th. It’s an honor to be invited by these pros of the media world to talk about my creative process. In addition to speaking about the specificities of a professional artistic practice, I’ll be going…

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In memory of an icy cold crossing in Kamouraska

My little family is back from a freezing sojourn in the Bas Saint-Laurent. I was there for an artistic residency overseen by the Centre d’art de Kamouraska. My goal: shoot images for a new series entitled Northern Crossing that explores the passage from girlhood to womanhood.

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