Disoriented is the title of this latest image from my Northern Crossing’s series about female adolescence.

Speaking of diversion, I’ve been taken somewhat off course lately in my attempts to finalize this project. There have been other matters requiring my attention…

The complete redesign of my artistic web site <catherinerondeau.com>, now entirely responsive and distinct from my portraiture services, took countless hours of concentration… I still a few pages to build, but most of the work is done. Phew!

Then there was my participation in a photographic work & discussion group lead by the perky and inspiring Caroline Boileau. These meetings allowed me to exchange on a variety of subjects with fellow women artists and to discover the groovy production center le Cabinet.

New challenge on the horizon: my acceptance at the doctoral program in the study and practice of arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). I will once again be student in the fall!

Two solo exhibitions are confirmed for 2017. Details to come…

Finally, I am happy to announce my recent election to the RAAV’s board of directors. A year after taking publicly position on the importance exhibition rights, I am proud to join the ranks of this association committed to defend the interests and rights of quebecois artists.

Amidst all of this, Northern Crossing continues its course, alright at a slower pace. I am confidant to finish the projet in the next few months!

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