Warm welcome at the Montreal Camera Club

What a wonderful warm welcome I was given last evening at Canada’s United Church in Westmount where members of the Montreal Camera Club gathered to hear me talk about my photography practice. I’m always surprised at how much I have to say about my work! It’s quite a good exercice for structuring my thoughts. I feel like I’m getting better from one lecture to the next. Based on the numerous positive comments I received yesterday, I think my new approach of frequently alternating between the conceptual and technical aspects  of my creative process worked well.


Standing people from the Montreal Camera Club gathered and small groups and talking.

Conversion with Ann Pearson, program chair MCC.


Many thanks to Ann Pearson for inviting me, to Claude Bélanger who had spotted my show last year at the Peter B. Yeoman’s center in Dorval, to Rachel, Sylvia, Kathy and to the nice gentleman that took care of the screen & sound set-up whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten.


  1. Uncle Guy on 6 December 2017 at 0 h 47 min

    Félicitations, tu es bonne et le monde le reconnaît

  2. Catherine on 6 December 2017 at 9 h 27 min

    Ahhhh… Thanks Uncle Guy! Je t’embrasse fort xx

  3. Sam on 8 December 2017 at 0 h 29 min

    Congratulations sorry I missed.I was at Victoria hall and did not see any notice about your talk. Keep me posted please.
    Sam totah

    Bon voyage and success
    Email your Web site thanks

  4. Catherine on 8 December 2017 at 9 h 51 min

    Sorry you missed the conference Sam. It was posted on the Montreal Camera Club’s website and Facebook page, as well as on my own site (catherinerondeau.com). Now that you’re on my mailing list, you’ll be receiving notices about my future events. After the holidays, I’ll be posting information about another conference coming up in February, a few weeks before I leave for Scotland. Thank you for your interest in my work! 🙂