Les fleurs – My First Public Art Work

Men from behind install a huge photograph on a wall overhanging bookshelves.

I was very proud to win an acquisition competition this spring as part of the Policy for the Integration of Arts in Architecture. What a joy it was to attend, at the end of June, the hanging of my work Les fleurs at the municipal library of Saint-Bonaventure, near Drummondville.


Surreal Art Video: The Murmur of the Abyss

screenshot of a video showing windows of an aquarium with a seal and a woman underwater

I had been thinking about this video for a while. The idea came to me in 2018 during my artistic residency at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts. In addition to the photographs inspired by the Celtic tale The Seal Woman, I wanted to create a video with seals in motion.


Cultural mediation activities for young audiences

Photo of a child dressed in a red hooded coat with the forest behind her

The director of the CNE, Ms. Manon Guérin, proposed that I collaborate with her team to design cultural mediation activities to accompany the photographs in my series Beyond the Looking Glass. It was the perfect opportunity to enhance this exhibition, which has already been very successful elsewhere in Quebec.


Clocktower Place soon for hire at L’Artothèque

surreal tableau with little girl looking at fish swimming underwater through a door

Have you heard of L’Artothèque? Dedicated to the visual arts since 1995, L’Artothèque is a library of over 3000 art works that offers original pieces for rent at affordable prices to individuals, businesses, institutions and audio-visual production societies. Located in the heart of Montreal’s Rosemont-La Petite-Partie, its missions are to support artists from Québec and…


A fine opening at the Centre culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier

artist Catherine Rondeau stands in front of her photograph at an opening reception

They like to celebrate in a big way at the Centre culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier! This past Sunday, every effort was made to inaugurate the exhibition Apparences with sparkle and great class. The event, in which I’m showing next to artist-photographers Chloé Beaulac and Luc Pallegoix, is part of photo tour Objectif Photo Cantons-de-l’Est reuniting twelve…


Upcoming conference at LaSalle Photo Club

surreal tableau with little girl looking at fish swimming underwater through a door

I will give a conference this week on my artistic practice at the LaSalle Photo Club. Description & details below. I hope you will join me! The Dreamlike World of Photomontage Catherine Rondeau is a fine art photographer specializing in the creation of digital photomontages. Favoring natural light and spontaneity when shooting her base material,…


A moment to reflect on my recent exhibition at the MNAMSH

vue d'exposition de l'événement Histoire de filles de Catherine Rondeau au MBAMSH

After a little over three months, my exhibition Histoires de filles (Maiden Tales) presented at Mont-Saint-Hilaire’s Museum of  Fine Arts (MBAMSH) is now over. I am most grateful to the director, Chantal Millette, for the rare chance she gave me to occupy the entire museum space with my two photographic series Beyond the Looking Glass  and Northern Crossing. I would…


Double photo book launch

With much enthusiasm and pride I’ll be hosting a double photo book launch this coming Sunday, December 2cd, at the opening reception for my show at the Mont-Saint-Hilaire Fine Art Museum. Beyond the Looking Glass and Northern Crossing aren’t very big publications, but they are filled with color images, feature both French and English texts,…


Mont-Laurier Exhibition Extended

teenage photo model Emma Boudou takes the pose next to a large scale framed portrait of herself

Good news: my Northern Crossing exhibition will be on for an extra week in Mont-Laurier. You have until August 25th to go see this “fabulous family frenzy”, as described by a visitor… My big girls giggled like little children taking each other’s picture in front of their pictures!   Centre d’exposition de Mont-Laurier 385, rue…


A video about my Northern Crossing series

One of the great services offered to artists who exhibit at the Centre d’exposition de Mont-Laurier, is the production of a video about the event. These videos, that always feature interview segments with the artist, then serve as cultural mediation tools in the little exploratory space that adjoins the main show room. As a bonus,…


A warm opening in Mont-Laurier

artist photographer looking at a photograph of a young girl holding an old camera in the snow.

Setting up the exhibition of my series Northern Crossing at the Centre d’exposition de Mont-Laurier last week went like a charm. The director, Marie-Anick Larochelle, and the coordinator, Olga Daussà Pastor, gave me a most friendly and professional welcome. After unpacking the frames, we took the time to carefully consider the sequencing of the images. Olga’s…


Farewell Glasgow | Looking back on my residency at the CCA

Heart superimposed over a building with photo negative

I closed the door to my studio-flat at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) for the last time yesterday morning after an intense and productive three month residency. I left Montreal in search of my seal skin. I’m returning with a wedding dress in my suitcase! In the interval, I hopscotched from loch to loch…


Sneak Peek at my CCA residency project

A woman struggles to put on a white petticoat outside, a house, a road and a tree appear in the background.

After nearly three months in Scotland, I’ll soon be giving a sneak peak at the project I’ve been working on during my residency at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts. Organized by TalkSeePhotography, I’ll be engaging in a discussion with artist Melanie Letoré about the ideas that have informed my image making, showing work in progress,…


Putting the blog on pause during my residency at Glasgow’s CCA

Street intersection dominated by tall clock tower.

It’s been almost a week since my arrival in Glasgow for my artistic residency at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA). I’m still pinching myself, it hardly seems real! I love the city, its energy, its cultural richness. I’m slowly transitioning from the initial outward exploring phase to instilling a new rhythm that will favour…