Winter Day

Ah! how the snow has snowed!
So here we are, stuck, stalled, stumped…

But that doesn’t stop us from wishing you a merry Christmas
with the hope that the world will finally start
turning round next year.


A Moment of Christmas Folly

Un homme et une femme lisent sur un lit placé sur un lac enneigé.

We aren’t sure if our little cat
understood the concept.
You neither?
No matter…
We wish you plenty of joy
to get through another winter!


The Resilient Snowman

photomontage of a snowman surrounded by christmas light

Our snowman is in deep water

The hockey game has been called off

Still and all

He chances his arms

To brighten the night’s sky


My participation in the Carbon Neutral Challenge of the Maskinongé RCM

Screen capture showing a woman talking to the camera and smiling

I was asked to represent the citizen segment of the Maskinongé MRC’s Carbon Neutral Challenge which aims to encourage local actions that tend towards carbon neutrality. I accepted to host a film crew three times during the summer to follow the progress of my efforts to grow and preserve fruits and vegetables.


Santa Claus will be making it to the Moon

surreal photo of a house with Christmas decorations on the Moon

Good news:
Santa Claus will be making it to the Moon!

Amazon too, but not sure that’s worth mentioning…

One thing’s for sure, the Three Wise Men
won’t not be coming round this year.


Moving to the Country: a Dream Come True


Bye bye Montreal! It was our intention to make the move, the pandemic simply speeded things up. Jean-Louis and I have left the big city and are now happy dwellers of a house in the country near Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, a parish municipality in the Mauricie region of Quebec.


The Bewitched Canoe, a Jolly Subversive Christmas Tale

quatre personnes courent la chasse galerie dans un canot volant

Acabris! Acabras! Acabram! May the holiday season be magical and allow yours stories to soar high above the pine tree line to jump from the old year to the new one.  What about the Devil? We’re taking him on board, of course! The cotillion is much livelier when he’s there to warm bodies and souls!  …


20 Years of Christmas Cards

Sending homemade Christmas cards has been a tradition in our family since my girls were very little. This year we are celebrating our 20th edition!


Why I’m saying goodbye to Facebook?

photo of hand waving from the water with text: CIAO FACEBOOK

It’s decided, I’m closing my Facebook account. And Instagram too (owned by Facebook). At first, I was curious to see if these platforms would help be stay in touch with my friends and promote my photography work. A big NO on both counts. The algorithms keep us caught in a vicious cycle: in order for…


A Formidable Nutcracker for Christmas

Emma and her Nutcracker for a quick pas de deux on the immaculate frozen lake. ❄   ❄   ❄   ❄   ❄ All this… Arm lifted Leg in the air A smile at minus fifteen Celsius An uncertain mustache. ❄  ❄   ❄   ❄   ❄ All this… To wish you A…


For Christmas, offer a doorway to imagination… Give the gift of art!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, said Pablo Picasso. And as Jean Cocteau wrote: “Frivolity is the best answer to anguish”. A present that soothes the spirit while rejoicing the heart, what better gift to offer for Christmas? All my images are available as archival fine art prints. Professional museum…


Laughter is serious business!

As some of you might already know, I regularly collaborate with my husband, Jean-Louis Boudou, on the production of video reportages for Second Regard, a CBC French network television show dedicated to spiritual & philosophical matters. Our last story ask the question: what is laughter and why do we laugh? Answers with humorists André Sauvé,…


My daughter and me photographed at the rally in support of the CALQ

(THIS POST IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRENCH) À peine quelques minutes après la publication de mon billet « Des huards pour les arts » au sujet de la manifestation qui s’est tenue aujourd’hui à Montréal pour dénoncer le sous-financement de l’État pour les arts et lettres au Québec, voilà que je tombe sur un article sur le site…


Mass rally in support of increased funding for CALQ

(THIS POST IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRENCH) Nous étions des centaines d’artistes de toutes disciplines rassemblés sur l’heure du midi aujourd’hui à la Place d’Armes de Montréal pour réclamer un redressement immédiat des crédits du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ). Il en va de l’avenir de plusieurs organismes culturels. En l’absence…