Couverture de livre montrant une enfant qui marche dans une forêt

Much like Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, kids often disappear to a parallel universe where impossible things happen all the time. Where does this propensity for pretend play come from? What purpose does this fascination with fantasy and magic serve? These questions form the basis of an essay I wrote in French, published in 2011. Its title translates as The Origins of Wonderment, an Exploration of the Fairy Tale World.

The writing of the book triggered my return to fine art photography and the production of an initial series of images inspired by the role wonderment plays in the development of children's psyches (Beyond the Looking Glass). A dozen photomontages, which can be found within the pages of the book, punctuate and offer an imaginative echo to the analysis.

The book is available in paperback and digital formats. Visit the editor's site to leaf through and order it.


2011, 170 pages, G3081, ISBN 978-2-7605-3081-2