Street intersection dominated by tall clock tower.

Putting the blog on pause during my residency at Glasgow’s CCA

It’s been almost a week since my arrival in Glasgow for my artistic residency at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA). I’m still pinching myself, it hardly seems real! I love the city, its energy, its cultural richness. I’m slowly transitioning from the initial outward exploring phase to instilling a new rhythm that will favour incubation and creation. A reminder: my residency project aims to explore the archetypical structure of the “Seal Woman” tale, in other words its universal symbolism.



In order to safeguard and take full advantage of this formidable parenthesis that has been offered to me, I intend to stay discreet over the next three months. I’m putting my blog – as well as my Facebook pages and Instagram activity – on pause during my stay in Scotland. The feeling of lightness brought on by this decision brings me to envision future changes in my communication strategy. But for now, I turn my attention inward as I dive in search of my seal-skin…

Drawing of seal body attached to a woman's head.
© Selkie, Aine Scannell


Glasgow’s city center – where I’m housed – is both lively and pleasant with its numerous pedestrian streets and a sophisticated blend of classic and modern architecture. Pubs abound, people not hesitant to enjoy their beers on terraces despite the rather chilly temperature. As for the bagpipes, it’s not a myth, they resonate everywhere!


  1. Joe Donohue on 14 March 2018 at 13 h 13 min

    Enjoy! It’s a great city!