photo of hand waving from the water with text: CIAO FACEBOOK

Why I’m saying goodbye to Facebook?

It’s decided, I’m closing my Facebook account. And Instagram too (owned by Facebook).

At first, I was curious to see if these platforms would help be stay in touch with my friends and promote my photography work. A big NO on both counts.

The algorithms keep us caught in a vicious cycle: in order for our posts to be well positioned in newsfeeds, it is necessary to interact with other content and/or pay. Everything is calculated to make us spend a maximum amount of time on the platforms in order to absorb a maximum amount of adds.

The said adds correspond to our interests, creating a form of tunnel vision. Not to mention how personal data is collected and sold to other business. Some even claim Facebook’s lack of control on published content allows organizations to manipulate western democratic processes…

Be that as it may, despite all their “likes” and little hearts, Facebook and Instagram simply don’t bring me joy. I’ve decided to no longer waste another minute on them, life is too short!

In the next few days, I’ll be deleting all my posts, taking everyone off my friends list and closing my accounts. Many traces will inevitably remain, I knew that from the start. But at least I won’t be feeding the machine anymore.

I’m confidant I’ll find better ways to connect with my friends.


Stay in the loop

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Ciao Facebook!


  1. your friend at Bandodle in Aberdeenshire on 1 December 2018 at 15 h 53 min

    well done.
    I never joined thank goodness and the more I learn the more relieved I am that I did not.

    Thanks for your very succinct reasons too.

    • Catherine Rondeau on 5 December 2018 at 16 h 56 min

      Sometimes one has to live and learn! 😉
      Hope all is well for you and the alpacas.