Show’s on at the Peter B. Yeomans Cultural Center

What better way than a photo show to kick off the New Year? For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to see the images from my Beyond the Looking Glass series on exhibit, I’d be happy to greet you at the opening being held next Thursday, Janurary 19th, at the Peter B. Yoemans Cultural Center in Dorval.

The experience of seeing high quality prints in an exhibit context compared to the low resolution versions on the web is just astonishing...

You’ll find all the details about the show below. Hope to see many of you there!

Beyond the Looking Glass, fine art photography by Catherine Rondeau
19 January – 26 February 2017
Peter B. Yeomans Cultural Center

The boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred in Catherine Rondeau’s photographic exhibit Beyond the Looking Glass, presented from January 19th to February 26th, at the Peter B. Yeomans Cultural Center in Dorval.

The artist’s dreamlike images portray the ways in which children use their imagination daily to venture, much like Alice in Wonderland, beyond the looking glass — a pursuit which allows them to release inner tensions and overcome the difficulties encountered by their developing selves. Indeed, a child's fantasy life is kindled by a combination of contradictory fears and desires which, through play, help him to better deal with the very real pressures of growing up and having to shape his identity in a constantly changing body. Pretending to don the skin of a furry animal, to disappear magically, to fight off monsters or become omnipotent allows children to safely explore and balance out the different facets of their blossoming psyches. Tinged with poetry and expressive candour, Catherine Rondeau’s whimsical trompe-l'œils are invitations to plunge into the teeming, colourful reverie of a child actively negotiating his place in the world.

The opening will be held Thursday, January 19th, at 7 PM, in the artist’s presence.

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