Une femme accroche une  oeuvre d'art dans une fenêtre extérieur

My photos on exhibit in the street

How about an urban stroll with a few surprises? For Montreal's 375th anniversary, the concept behind Les fenêtres qui parlent is simple and fun: twin artists with windows in various neighbourhoods around the city for 5 day convivial exhibits. The street become a genuine open air museum!



I am lucky to have been selected for the borough of Outremont, though most of the participating residents & shops are actually located in the Mile End. Starting tomorrow, May 17th, and until next Sunday, discover the works of 40 artists along the streets of St-Viateur, Esplanade, Waverly and Bernard.

Although a little isolated from the other sites, I'm delighted to be exhibiting in the beautiful windows of the Première Moisson bakery (1271 Bernard Ave.). With the warm weather finally here, it’s the ideal opportunity to come enjoy a treat on the terrace amidst a few of my images!

The official opening event will be help on Friday, May 19th, between 5:30 and 7 PM, at Bio-Terre (201, St-Viateur West). Welcome to all!

A little exhibit that’s making lots of heads turn

I made a video to keep a record of this wonderful event. For an artist, I think it's always moving to take work out of the studio. This time, presenting my images in the public space - literally on the street - was downright magical. I've noticed that people turn around, point, move closer and smile a lot! I caught particulaly amusing conversation between two children who were wondering how the little girl got her whiskers and cat ears... In short, as the lady who testifies in my video so aptly puts it :

"It's awesome, more art, please, in public places!

A big THANK YOU to the event's curator, André Hénault, for selecting my work for this event. And many thanks to artist Anne Landouar, responsible for organizing Les Fenêtres qui parlent in the borough of Outremont. And let's not forget Margerie Babin, Branch Manager at Première Moisson, who generously lent me her windows! ❤️