Homemade Christmas cards have been a family tradition in our home for over twenty years. It all started in 1999, the year my first daughter was born. The techniques have evolved - sometimes they are rather rudimentary photo-collages or drawings made by my children. Some cards refer to specific episodes in our lives, like the year we lived in Switzerland or the time we spent Christmas in Florida. As the years go by, you can see the girls growing up and my mastery of digital image manipulation becoming more refined. 


Which one is your favorite? I think my preference goes to the year of the The Bewitched Canoe, the last card where the whole family is together. The girls have since flown away from the nest...

While these cards were sent to family and close friends by mail for a long time, they are now sent by email. The intention remains the same: to brighten the winter solstice by spreading joy and good wishes for the holidays and the new year.

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